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'Wag the Dog' tactics PNM style

Somebody give TriniWise a warm round of applause. It is time so called citizens start acting like true citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. Look at the state of our economy, look at the state of our goverment's PR campaign. Ok, let me explain.
1. Why is the PNM giving us Unemployment figures from December 2001, is it to make the UNC look like better managers?
2. Why is the PNM giving us Central Bank Reserves balances, to give us an impression of nice numbers? Perhaps these figures are from December 2001 also.
3. Why is the PNM giving us that inflation figure of 4.8% of what ever it was. WHat does it all mean?
4. Why is Keith Rowley so been recently silent on PNM Party affairs and on the PNM Administration policies? Is it that he is disenchanted with the Patrick Manning Administration? Is he another Ramesh Maharaj waiting to explode?
5. Why is the MEDIA so soft on the Patrick Manning Administration and treating the unrequited 'Opposition' like the government of the day? Surely in the history of Trinidad politics I have never seen the popularity of any Opposition party be promoted so much as the MEDIA is doing now. AND never have I seen the MEDIA wagging the GOVERNMENT-of-the-day's tail so much that it is begining to stink and get rancid. ALL I have to say is "keep up the good work" for this is now PNM COUNTRY. No longer does the MEDIA represent THE CITIZENS OF THE REPUBLIC OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO but the citizens of PNM COUNTRY.


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UNC trying 'Wag the Dog' tactics
'Wag the Dog' tactics PNM style
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