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Tabloid Reporting

It is amazing to read some of the knee jerk reactions to articles published in the daily newspapers in TnT. The gullible public is being provided poorly researched articles by so called reporters.

The public's thirst for bacchanalia and sensationalism, diminishes the seriousness, in some cases of what is being reported. Half truths intermixed with innuendos and hearsay hardly follows any apologies when the real truth and facts become known, because in TnT the more sensational the headlines the more believable the story. To illustrate further, consider the following:

For weeks now we were hearing of Panday's London bank account of $10M. Now the figure has mysteriously dwindled to $5.4M over a 4 year period. Having provided the Integrity commission with the relevant documents, Panday's file was forwarded to the DPP within three days. That same Integrity commission was accused of dragging its feet on the matter.

It is interesting to note that the DPP's office is yet to procecute any of the 180 people charged with voter padding over nineteen month's ago.There could be only two reasons for this, a) a lack of evidence or b)incompetence in the DPP's office.Remember, if you care to, that staff shortages in the judiciary is not an excuse as the EBC's staff was able to provide a voter's list with a 99.4% accuracy but that was not good enough.Let's see how long it will take with Panday's file.

Another illustration of sensational reporting occured in the Carlos John scenario. Without checking the facts, TnT newspapers reported that Carlos received a cheque for $.5M from Northern Construction. Aha Carlos in racket! Wrong, a very good friend needed a short term loan so Carlos cashed in some bonds and helped his buddy out? We all know the fallout from this exercise.

So tiles are falling from the new airport? Boy I can't believe this! And look at the material that was used gyproc. But that thing cannot stand water? Both the chairman of the airports authority and the minister of works, without any investigation, without 1 square foot to show to the press or the public,also stupidly confirm that the material was indeed gyproc! Wrong again, but up until today, not one TnT newspaper reporter could say with any certaintity that the tiles were indeed gyproc.

What we are seeing in my opinion is selective reporting or an abuse of freedom of the press. As stated earlier, once an opinion is formed in the public's eye, it is very, very difficult to have that opinion changed.

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