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Foot and Mouth Disease: A Trini Dilemma

"Parents are very kind, But I am too young to appreciate it. The highlands mountains and valleys are beautiful, But having never seen the lowlands, I am stupid. Having striven for mind's nourishment,Sharpening the spearhead of intellect, I discovered permament parents Whom I can never forget." Chogyam Trungpa Buddhist Tibetian Scholar

Don’t you wish that we had a law in our country where political miscreants like for example Dr. Tim Gopeesingh could be taken to a public square and humiliated for all the world to see just like was done during the uncivilized Middle Ages , not necessarily because he and similar social divisive bandits are evil as such , but due chiefly to common gutter behavior ,political callousness ,and or obvious stupidity?
What punishment could we come up with for someone that profess to be a Senior UWI School of Medicine lecturer , a medical practitioner for 35 years, and politician figure in our country for putting forward the following statement as a prime fine example of a globally unacceptable phenomenon?
“I am raising a very important point. I am being told, some may not like it and I do not know whether it is true, that there has been an issue of ethnic cleansing at the Port of Spain Hospital as far as the doctors are concerned. I understand that most of the East Indian doctors have had to leave Port of Spain Hospital.”

I say string him up naked on a tree in Woodford Square by his big toes with a strong piece of nylon fishing line borrowed from one of our Icacos or Guayaguayure fishermen, then allow fellow citizens to pass by with a cricket bat and be allowed to give him a few hard smacks on any body part of choice, then throw some confiscated salt from illegal Guyanese George street merchants , mixed with ravine water to the accumulated wounds .We’ll finally ensure that he gets no payment for the following three months he would be out of Parliament licking his wounds like one of our local stray dogs and reflecting on this mistake and blatant misdeed. It would finally bring some closure and or catharsis to what can only be described as one of many country loathing monstrosities’ that some dangerous and despicable citizens are prepared to foist on their nation , all in the name of narrow political ambition.

Now in other politically mature countries, when a political figure recognize that he has committed a Faux pas, they simply own up to it ,apologize and maybe even extricate themselves with a win / win face saving gesture like in like manner to recent Yankee Commander in Chief Obama recently did with the idiotic love/hate feast that took place between his bourgeois Harvard pal Prof. Gates , and that alleged racist, ‘diversity sensitive guru’ Sergeant, from the MA Police Department . The public fronting result as we saw were two rounds of beers for all involved ,some cheap national media publicity , wink/ wink gesture on racial injustice in America the land of the free , a book/ TV deal somewhere for someone, a promotion for another , and America comes out smelling like a rose en route to being on the forefront of the loosing idealistic challenge of remaining the much adored ,‘Global Policeman.’
Not in our neck of the wood where victimization epidemic runs rampant, with the WHO no wiser about possible solutions . Tim Goopeesing as chief spokesman for the T&T chapter of ‘Anti Ethnic Cleansing Federation ,’chooses to use semantics and similar nonsensical obfuscations to throw off the other half of the stupid , borderline illiterate peons that make up our population , while still bringing unknown pleasures to his fan base. Listen to him as he try to do the ‘Tassa-magic /Jig and Dance move to mislead us the masses , perhaps just like he has done through the decades lecturing gullible 1st year UWI pimple face students .

“The editorials of all three major dailies, and many of the country’s key columnists have proffered that I was wrong to raise the issue of discrimination at the POSGH of senior local doctors by using the term “ethnic cleansing…. and called on me to withdraw and apologise for my comments on “ethnic cleansing.” I again state categorically that I stand by my comments, but I also recognise that the term ethnic cleansing is indeed a strong term and many people would have therefore become wary about its use to describe such a phenomenon.
He chooses instead to dismissed legally accepted definition of ethnic cleansing as laid out by the United Nations , which are - in which T&T is a signatory party mind you - “systematic elimination of an ethnic group or groups from a region or society, as by deportation, forced emigration, or genocide.” He instead opted to put forth his own research to show that the term only became vogue in 1992, to describe the war atrocities in Bosnia/Sarajevo, as if this is of some significance . Surprise , surprise - no mentioned of 800,000 Rwandans in Africa while the World sleeps. Wonder why he chose to ignore the powerful over the top activities in Kashmir region of Pakistan / India- a small symbol of the religious inter -ethnic intolerance that prevails across both states for minorities- or Sudan so called African Arabs/ Christian Bantu atrocities, Chinese/ Tibetan abuses , Russian / Chetneya beat down, or Israel / Arabs destructive practices.

He leans on a clueless Yankee sociologist, and alleged expert Andrew Bell-Fialkoff ,to substantiate his desperate arguments, then parrots a bunch of old news Nazi Germany and wider Europeans atrocities against Jews across that fine civilize Aryan continent, perhaps to indicate that we T&T have black skin , blue eye local Hitler disciples. Sorry to inform you Tim , for the only victim in Trinidad and Tobago are the poor and desperate masses on both sides of the so call divide . These includes the PNM and UNC abused , misused , neglected , and despised African / Indian /Trinbagonians citizens ,that are still deprived of piece of the economic pie because of the action of a few disingenuous leaders, with a greater propensity for nepotism ,and cronyism.
We know that not only you , but your party’s leadership possess “no regrets about talking about the issue in Parliament,” and the reason are obvious , you are a bunch of unconscionable , immoral creatures with no respect for our sacred Parliament, or other national institutions ,since narrow greedy politics , often orchestrated through lies and deception , takes precedents our national interest.
For the record Tim , it is not as you claimed “the Patrick Manning regime” that think that you deliberately made a “racially divisive statements for political purposes,” it is anyone with any sense of decency in our nation , and that is what many view as an example of shirking of one’s “responsibility to the national community and …duty as an MP.”
What a travesty, to think that this man is on record as a lecturer of the young future doctors of our nation. Any wonder that doctors are pronouncing folks dead in our nation hospital wards , that are still alive , and the PM ,Opposition leader and respective families won’t be caught dead in one of our Health institution with a 10 foot pole even if threatened with the banishment to Pluto as penalty. It’s Scotland, Miami , and Cuba for all of them . Better yet , if Mohammed can’t come to the mountain and all such crap, how about bringing them here? Care to state how many doctors were recently imported to rectify the affairs of this fledging catastrophic department across the nation? Perhaps that’s your main beef of contention. Doctor.

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