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Is a picture really worth a thousand words?

I saw a foto recently that showed the premier terrorist in this hemisphere surrounded by a number of puppies disguised as Caricom leaders. As usual they went to beg for scraps that will serve as a measure of their insufficiency to the dysfunctional masses that they purport to represent.

With the continuing emphasis on Terrorism, it was entirely disappointing that those comically tragic figures neglected to take the master terrorist to task for continuing to provide a safe haven for Cuban Emigre Luis Posada Carilles, for his role in the 1976 bombing of a Cubana Airline off of Barbados in which seventy-five people lost their lives.

Unlike members of Caricom whose memory and attention spans last from one incident to the next, their host knew their history, their attitudes, their needs and of greater importance their collective ineptitude. For example it was during the 1986 invasion of Grenada that the Prime Minister of a Caricom Nation stated that "that she woud ah kiss he foot" in refering to Ronald Reagan's intrusion into the affairs of a caricom Nation, on the pretext that American medical students studying in Grenada were at risk as a result to that Nations internal turmoil. I am yet to hear one Caricom member take issue with that disparaging remark by their fellow leader. Simply disgusting!.

These are some of the reasons why non white nations are viewed with laughter and synicism regardles of what they import or export to the United States. I can just imagine the stories that they have to tell as they return to their political depositories with untold successes of what they commanded and what they demanded. Meanwhile the man on the street in the US Capital is relieved that these puppies have left so that local traffic can now move back to a state of normalcy.

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