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A strategic Budget

Our Prime Minister is not brilliant but can be practical and he has learned some by his previous mistake. He did not call for an early election because the last time that he did so he lost that election.This time he intends to maximize his constitutional term in office.

The present budget is a pre-cursor to the next budget presentation before the next elections. This budget was crafted with that in mind. Mr. Manning recognizes the mindset of those who have empowered him and continue to be supportive, even though they may show some displeasure with the present budget which is devoid of many goodies in a time of plenty.

The economic uncertainty of the future would suggest that it would be prudent to hold the line now, realizing that the strong will survive and will be the only persons eligible to vote next time around.

As much as people complain, Mr. Manning's actions reflect the wishes of the people. When this condition ceases to exist the people will make the necessary adjustments and Mr. Manning will be the first to know.

Meanwhile, if the economy remains favourable and the National income remains robust, the next budget will reward those whose memories will have again failed them as this present budget will have been long forgotten. This Prime Minister knows how to treat his pets.

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