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Cops ask John about $1 million transaction

UNC MP Carlos John would not reveal what documents he handed over to officers of the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) when they visited him last Thursday.

However, Sunday Newsday has learned that the officers asked John for documents, which would explain a million dollars paid to him in installments by a UNC financier from 1999 to 2000, which began with a first payment of approximately $500,000.

According to police sources, John, when asked by the officers about the money, said he had borrowed a million dollars on the man's behalf from a bank and that the monies he received from the financier were repayment of the loan he had lent the businessman.

He did not say why it was necessary for him (John) to lend the wealthy businessman this money when the man's company had already received several huge contracts from the UNC Government.

The payments to John reportedly turned up in investigations by police. John is now being asked by the officers to show where he borrowed the money from and proof that he actually lent it to the man.

When asked by Newsday on Friday what the police visit was about, John said it was a simple matter, not to be blown out of proportion. He denied that the documents had any links with the airport project or with the Tourism and Industrial Development Company, TIDCO, saying he was not even in Government at the time. (John became a UNC Minister in December 2000.)

The United National Congress MP also told Newsday that he had not informed his leader Basdeo Panday, away on a fund raising drive, about the police visit to his house.

Panday is also under investigation for hundreds of thousands of pounds in an account in his and his wife's name in the United Kingdom, which were not declared to the Integrity Commission.

John's house was visited by the Anti-Corruption Squad mere days after the arrest of another UNC financier, businessman Steve Ferguson who was charged with conspiracy to defraud the Airport Authority of $19 million.

Also on various fraud charges are other businessmen, party supporters and two former ministers, Brian Kuei Tung and Russel Huggins. Attempts to reach John yesterday were unsuccessful.

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