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A country ripe for riot

Now that the predictable elections are over I began to look at what happened in other countries where race was a deciding factor in the outcome of those elections.

Let me see, a riot here, a bombing there, some overzealous fanatic throwing a cocktail at the other party.

Are we going to let that happen here? We are not out of the woods yet, the situation is still volatile and I want the politicians to realise that the danger would occur to the people and not to you.

The people who did are the poorer ones, the workers, the ones whom you incite with vacuum-like promises and even more empty rhetoric.
Please keep in mind that your myopic grab for power to gain such shallow ends are not worth the orphans that are created in such scenarios. Look at other countries that have experienced such tragedies and ask yourself, will I want this for my people? Then ask if this is what I want for myself? My country?

Forget the 'history' you will be creating and the glory of your party. This country is ripe for a riot, do not pluck it.
Keep in mind the people who put you there. They are the ones who will pay.

I am asking that these 'leaders' act within a consciousness that is beyond their own ambitions.

Do not feign ignorance that you have made this melting pot into a boiling pot, do not for the love of our country let it spill over.

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