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the demise of the dictator

Panday will never become Prime Minister again! He wil not live that long. Notice how he has stopped rattling his stink mouth off in public? He is retiring to lick his wound like the sick, retarded, mangy, rapist dog he truly is. The country is celebrating his exit, because the country is free to breathe again, speak their minds again and not be subjected to racism from people who think it "we time". See what happened to Sham Mohammed? He was the first to talk about "we time" and where is the disciple now? Dead! You racial people all think you are superior! How dare you even call God's name? Do you know about a God? Your religion while it may be the oldest simply doesnt care about morality, fair play, ethics and justice. Its all about if-I-can-get-it-then-nothing-else-matters! Robbie was right when he spoke about spiritual values and morality, which, while he didnt specify, was plain to everyone to see (with a brain, that is)that he was referring to Basdeo Panday and his lack thereof. Manning isnt as charismatic as Panday, but he isnt corrupt, isnt a dictator (wannabe), doesnt have a grin like a feral snarl, and doesnt intimidate the media. People, even you UNC apologists, will be able to say what they want without fear, and people wont be having the feeling that the next moment would be their last.

MU-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Give me a thousand Mannings, Mannouts, whatever..........than one more nanosecond of Panday......God is alive and doesnt live in Couva, but He likes justice and hates evil, and hates those who would sleep with the Devil, remember?

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