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Re: Harvard professor's talk in Trinidad

Gardner is proof that just because someone has obtained a degree from some accredited University, that they are anymore "intelligent", "illuminous", or mentally gifted than anyone else. I wonder if he compared Whites to Asian Americans including those from southwest Asia and people from Northern Africa. What about Black immigrants? His study is not only incomplete, but wrong. No surprise. He comes from Indiana. At one point in time that was the Ku Klux Klan Capital of the United States. I'm not saying he was ever a member of that group, but I wouldn't dismiss the fact that Klan based racist attitudes were prevelent in the society in which he was raised. Indiana to this day is one of the states in the U.S. where whites have maintaned power through their good ole boy network. There is no surprise that this man would want to spread his racist attitudes to other nations. How conveinient now that more business will be conducted between the U.S. and Trinidad and Tobago. Divide and conqueor. It surprises me even more that people could clap for him. He had the audacity to state that Science is white? He must not be a history buff. Maybe that is not part of his IQ test. The moors of Africa brought science to Europe as they began to conqueor for 700 years. Does he forget that Ancient Egyption mathematics and Science gave birth to that of the Greeks and the Romans? How does he seperate the fact that the "native Americans" made it possible for the Europeans to survive in this hemisphere through their science of Agriculture? I have no degree past high school and even I know these things. Not only that, but to say that black americans are about 50 years behind white america is if anything a positive even though he tried to make it a negative. He fails to realise that African Americans were denied European education, as well as all education outside of slave service. Then they were denied equal education as far as quality of schools that could be attended by them because of Jim Crow Laws. Then and now they can't for the most part attend schools that are as equally funded and with equal student teacher ratios. The list goes on and on. Through all of that African Americans are only 50 years behind. After 500 years of oppression, to be only 50 years behind is remarkable even though it false. Thats all for now.

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Re: Harvard professor's talk in Trinidad
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