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Re: Cuba's Response to AIDS

Cuba's response although admirable has all but eliminated any expectations I had for an imminent cure for AIDS.

Cuba was the last frontier. It seems that every nation has accepted the notion that human immuno-deficiency virus originated in Africa and spread throughout the world. Based on such false belief there can be no hope for a cure.

All those voices from the wilderness alluding to the real cause of this deadly menace have all been silenced.

Is it coincidence that HIV surfaced only after the discovery of Interferons was made by Dr. Alick Isaacs and Dr. Jean Lindenmann in 1957.
Or that the proliferation of HIV and AIDS began only after clinical drug trials for Interferon.

Coincidence that Interferon from monkey's kidneys was used to inoculate volunteers against the spread of the smallpox virus. Were they the subjects of the W.H.Os Intensified SmallPox Eradication Program? The W.H.O. declared the world free of smallpox in 1980.

Coincidence also that Interferon was used to treat Hepatitis, which was prevalent in the male homosexual communities due to lifestyle and sexual habits. Or a probable cause for the dispute between American scientist Dr. Anthony Fauci and French scientists over the discovery and naming rights.
Same cause, same manifestation in different population samples.

Interferon as the name implies, interferes with the immunoregulatory functions of the body. It decreases the production of blood cells by the bone marrow. Any intelligent non-scientist will tell you that the body's defense against attack begins in the bone marrow. Consider the fact that most vaccines carry contaminants from the host incubators and we have the beginning of Armageddon. A few vainglory scientists and their wealthy backers unleashed this menace on the world and no one has so far held them accountable.

They are now free to profit from the menace they created by supplying the world with ineffective drugs that treat only the symptoms, and only for the time, it takes for the virus to mutate.

This I fear is only the beginning, unless we acknowledge the cause, (i.e. how "It" the virus? came to be Acquired by Humans), we can look forward to many more AIDS like threats to our health.

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