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CONGRATS BUSH! by Pastor Cuffie *LINK*

To understand the mindset of the Bush's Christian America, all I have to look at is the opinions of some of these local Christian groups. They have several things in common. A poor sense of history, morality and are definitely as blood thirsty as the other terrorists they claim to oppose. It is almost impossible to reason with some of these people like Cuffie.




Pastor Winston Cuffie

Bush's resolute stand for biblical, moral and spiritual values throughout his term, was absolutely admirable, and has indeed paid off. No President in America’s recent history has been so overt, forthright and uncom-promising with his faith. This is what intelligent, decent people want.

On October 16, under the caption, "Bush or Kerry?" this column suggested, "If you want to know which candidate US voters should give the majority support in the November 02 presidential election, ask the terrorists". The point was made that a vote for the candidate which the terrorists endorsed, would mean a vote for terrorism. I also noted that "not a single terrorist would want George Bush to win." Only a mere thirteen days later, there was the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, doing just that - advising US electorate to dump Bush. But, instead the Americans have decisively rejected the vacillating, far-left John Kerry, for the strong, consistent, conservative born again George W Bush. This writer had also made the point: "Another reason that I believe Kerry is not worthy to be the next man in the White House is the Senator’s crooked views on moral and spiritual values." "In fact", the column continued, "this area is, in many ways, even more vital than the matter of security or the war on terror.

The Bible says, ‘Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people’ (Pro. 14:34)... Up-to-date surveys show that most Americans believe that their President should have a strong religious belief and conviction." Again, this is exactly what the election results reflect. Exit polls have shown that the "moral issues" category received the highest number of votes (21 percent of the voters named this as their number one issue). The other two key areas were terrorism and the economy. Bush’s resolute stand for biblical, moral and spiritual values throughout his term, and during the campaign, was absolutely admirable. No President in America’s recent history has been so overt, forthright and uncompromising with his faith. This is what intelligent, decent people want, especially in a world as evil and devious as today’s. To the end, the born again Bush (whatever his faults) maintained his unequivocal opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion, including the cold-blooded slaughter called partial birth abortion. His unwavering and very vocal support for traditional family values, the sanctity of marriage and family life, projected the President as the near-ideal person to lead the nation which virtually leads the world.

Kerry, on the other hand, has proven to be a master flip flopper. He seems to be about five different persons speaking out of the same mouth. It’s extremely difficult to trust a person like this. Kerry has, on six separate occasions, voted against banning the diabolical procedure of partial birth abortion. His far-left liberal philosophies are abominable and frightening. Imagine Kerry, who would have had the right to name Supreme Court judges had he won the elections, made it clear in his campaign, that in his view, no one who was pro-life was fit to sit as a judge of the Supreme Court. This is disaster, if not a kind of Hitler! Thank the good Lord that Americans woke up and very decisively "chacked the wheels" of this dangerous left wing extremist. Bush, in the heat of the election campaign, when asked who was his favourite philosopher, speedily and proudly proclaimed, "Jesus Christ!" The President, in his victory speech, has made it his business to assure his country and the world of his absolute commitment to "upholding the deepest values of family and faith".

Bush’s win was pronounced and huge. In a battle which was labelled, "The most contentious campaign since 1876", the President emerged with the popular vote (the first for a President since his father sixteen years ago). He also received the largest voter support of a presidential candidate in the history of the US. Against the most bitter, vicious anti-Bush media that one can imagine, Bush was able to prove many of the "prestigious polls" wrong by taking key battleground States such as Florida and Ohio and also increasing majorities in the Senate and Congress. Now, thank God — again — Bush can select Supreme Court judges who possess character values consistent with spirituality, morality, biblical standards and true civility. The multiplied millions of Born Again/ Evangelical Christians who flooded the polling stations to ensure a win for Bush, did it all with issues like this in mind. I think Bush’s chief political adviser, Karl Rove, summed up the key to the President’s victory well: "First of all, people who go to church on a frequent and regular basis voted overwhelmingly for Bush. This forms an important part of the Republican base."

Finally, it was good, and indeed very important, that Americans did not reject their President at the polls because of his stand on Iraq, despite some clear blunders. This would have been a dangerous signal to the world, particularly terrorist groups and rebel states such as North Korea and Iran, as well as creatures like Castro, Chavez and others of this ilk. If a man shows leadership courage in taking a stand against evil, in defence of his people, it would be a sad lack of maturity and a play right into the hands of the enemy, to turn against this leader or reject him by shifting focus from his courage and strength, to flashes of human frailties in his well-meaning thrust. Mature people know that blunders are not necessarily failures; they are part of the process to success. Thanks for your maturity, America. We will all benefit from it.

Trinidad and Tobago News

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