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A smidgen of hope?

If, as it has been rumoured and continues to be suggested, that the younger supporters of the UNC have been embarassed by the allegations of corruption during the administration of former Primeminister Mr. Basdeo Panday, and are now less likely to continue their support of the UNC whose leadership is now perceived to be recycled and tainted, it would suggest that a new dynamic is actually evolving in Trinidad and Tobago's national politics.

While there has been talk, "integrity" continues to be the most under-utilized component in our Nation's political character, in fact, it has been non-existent till now, assuming that the initial assumption is accurate. This segment of our society could very well be emerging from the throes of collateral political indecency. While it must be noted that few things are absolute, optimism continues for quality in our National character as it could become a reality coupled with the following over time.

The recently announced initiative referred to as "principles of fairness" needs to be applauded and supported. These four distinguished citizens I am sure; are well aware of the complex nature of our society and the challenges of this particular undertaking which suggests that when government fails, it is then incumbent for men of goodwill to fill the vacuum.

It is now up to us to follow their good example and in so doing, help to arrest the politically driven virus that is rapidly consuming the fabric of our National character. Race driven politics in Trinidad and Tobago only provides short term solutions to selective constituencies while fostering inescapable long-term disasters from which we may never recover.

The architects, Mr. Ken Gordon, Mr. Arthur Loc Jack, Mr. Tajmool Hosein and Dr. Bhoe Tewarie, along with the commitment from various Corporations and Business Organizations whose support is essential, may prove to be our ultimate salvation as a Nation. This opportunity for National support should not be wasted, it is within our grasp. As a people, the nagging question is, will we respond affirmatively to this challenge? The ball is now in our "park" of public opinion as we cannot forfeit this opportunity to build our Nation.

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