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Re: Back to polls is imminent
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Unfortunately Panday did not share your views when he agreed to let the President choose the next PM.

Whether you like the President's reasons or methods is of little value now. Panday publicly stated that both he and Manning agreed to let the President choose.

I never did and do not now support the PNM.

Panday was solely responsible for loosing office. (I hope you know the difference between loosing office and an election)

But in the UNC we had a minister who was touted as the best thing in the party and cabinet, now in jail on a murder charge. Then there is wasteful spending like the 30 million rice deal, the Miss Universe contest in excess of 100 million and the over priced airport contract in excess of 1.4 billion dollar, the savannah paving contract and so many more indecent acts and possibly serious cases of corruption that dwarfs all the ills of the pasts.

I can give a more objective view because I support neither of the parties for very valid reasons unlike you who are clearly a UNC supporter (for better or WORST).

"Panday did more for this country?"
It depends of the level of ignorance you choose to engage with that foolish talk. In my book Panday did nothing for the country. His Government benefited from increase Oil revenue and they squandered most of it. They did what little was enough to buy some votes that mostly benefited their financial contributors anyhow.

They were involved in electoral fraud. There are reports in my area about persons who were given signed ballots to vote and when they returned with the blank ones they were paid $50.00. Then there is evidence of persons who they encouraged to falsify their registration. If I had my way most of the key players in the UNC would be in Jail.

This last broken agreement is the clearest reason why Basdeo Panday must never be trusted again. Also, every UNC supporter who never spoke-out about these and other acts of indiscretion should not be trusted.

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