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Re: Back to polls is imminent
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Well Mr.Paul the answers are straight foward to all of your blind questions.
" Back to the polls to elect whom". The answer to that question is let the people decide, and the political party with "MOST" votes becomes the ruling party, not this poor excuse of spritual values crap that was pathetically used to dicide the 18,18 seats deadlock.

"Manning is foolish but we also saw the arrogrance and evil of Panday". The profile on Manning is quite an over statement, Manning has no vision but tunnel vision, like that is going to get a country some where. Arrogrance and evil of Panday, Mr. Panday did more for Trinidad and Todbago than the PNM in the majority of its exsistance, and if you and many others don't agree with me, too bad I dont share your views.

"So tell us whom" Man let the people decide, what part of that you don't understand, it is a straight foward process simple as that, it dosen't take an Oxford grad to figure that out.

"How could rushing to the polls provide a better alternative". It seems that some of you are experiencing tunnel vision as well. The present state of the republic is very unhealthy and will not get better, unless you are in some kind of shallow scheme to support winning an election by not getting the majority of votes, and likes getting through the back door.

Going back to the people is giving them their fair opportunity, to have the final decsion on the adminstration they choose to run their lives and country.

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Back to polls is imminent
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Re: Back to polls is imminent
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