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Stop Rupee, Plastic Bag Timmy and other Bajan from

Trinidad and Tobago is facing an explosive situtaion if they donot stop the Bajan artistes from performing at Carnival. With the celebration literally on its last lap it is in the interest of the two island states if Rupee, Timmy, Plastic Bag and the others are stopped from performing.

I make this statement in the wake of what is going on at present with both islands all but declaring war on each other. Barbados Attorney General Mia Mottley has stated quite emphatically that if the TnT coastguardsmen interferes with the Bajan fishermen they would respond in the strongest possible way. Doesn't this sound like a military threat. The TnT government is not backing down and they are vowing to continue to monitor the border and bring justice to any law breakers. It is plain to see we are going into the carnival season with an explosive situation that can only get worse.

It is also true that Barbados and Trinidad and clashing in Cricket and Guaracara Park and with the Bajans on top that too can be explsoive. However the nature of cricket is not one that give rise to grog and fete as Carnival does. Therefore it is indeed a safer climate. Also with Brian Lara playing, Trinidad would also fancy their chances of putting a licking on the Bajan. The atmosphere of carnival though is very different. Already it has been reported that Timmy is getting a lukewarm response and was told at some fete to go home and fry some fish. Rupee is boasting that he is receiving much love though but that can soon change. So I plead with those who have the power withdraw the Bajan acts before some over zealous, rum drinking, soca frenzied national takes the craziness to a different level.

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