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Re: Telecom body to monitor cable and Direct TV

"Government is also adamant that it would not tolerate any incitement to racial hatred and ethnic divisiveness on local television and radio stations. It plans to use the law to deal "expeditiously" with any violations."

In this country, both Ruling and Opposition parties have continually used the local television and radio stations to send coded messages to the two major ethnic groups for their own political agendas. They have also thwarted efforts from interest groups to broadcast content from an African historical and cultural point of view. This flies in the face of Indian, European and White American oriented programs that make up the main staple of local media content.

The Government may feel they can overlook this blatant cultural discrimination while talking about monitoring the media for balance when in fact the concept of balance is alien to them.

What ruling parties mean by monitoring the media is really about examining which arms of the media are not supporting their political agendas.

In light of the blatant denial of airtime for ongoing African oriented content, especially on our state media, all politicians are already on the side of contributing to ongoing racism, and other related mental and social disorders. They are already on the side of criminals for having not allowed the means for balance and fair play to start taking shape. They have all demonstrated their historical ignorance and inability to determine suitable media content for this multi-ethnic society. How would they know if a statement is historically accurate or is an incitement to racial hatred? A few years ago, many were considering the claim that all humans came from Africa to be racially divisive. They have not demonstrated an upgrade in their ‘thinking’.

It is not acceptable to have government appointed agencies monitor the suitability of media content. Concerned people will have to continue lobbying to rid us of these corrupt politicians, and for the inclusion of African content on our state-owned media. People can look into setting up a separate body to deal with the media if some wish, but in my opinion this is not even necessary as media breaches can be remedied through the existing legal system. But under no condition should citizens allow the government and opposition to determine what is acceptable media content. They have been weighed for balance and have all been found wanting.

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