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Crime will not stop the Carnival

By Raffique Shah
February 18, 2007

CarnivalIt’s the columnist’s perennial dilemma: what topic to address on a Carnival Sunday? Who reads newspapers around this time anyway? Pan “peongs” in their thousands will be bleary-eyed and either celebrating the sound of steel or fuming over the judges’ decisions from last night’s Panorama finals. Many more who will have attended Friday night’s cacophony, “Soca Monarch”, rendered tone-deaf by noise boxes supreme, are too dazed to do anything but seek out more noise. And the few who have remained sober until now will be psychologically adjusting their systems for the stupor that will start by nightfall.
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Wanted: Plurality in the Police Service

By Stephen Kangal
February 11, 2007

IndiansThe arbitrary and selective conduct of the police in responding to recent popular protest movements raises fundamental questions on this response and its linkage with the composition of the protective services in plural Trinidad and Tobago. In cosmopolitan societies but more so in a multicultural but in an ethnically polarised T&T our cosmopolitan people must be provided with every basis to identify with the police. The police must never be perceived or be used as a mechanism for political repression or constitute a potential threat to any democratically elected government or act as an arm of the Executive as it is being perceived today in T&T.
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Afrikan concept of God

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
December 31, 2006

AfricansEvery Afrikan society has beliefs, ideas and teachings that emphasise the existence of a Supreme Being. These beliefs, ideas and teachings are found to be original with the Afrikan way of life. But, beliefs, ideas, teachings and even practices may differ from society to society and from shrine to shrine.

These differences may be found in customs, rituals, norms and sanctions. They may be found in spiritual languages as instruments of communicating ideas, beliefs and practices. They may also be found in spiritual representations like shrines, temples, relics, costumes and the application of beliefs and ideas in the numerous activities of life.
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Cheap Politics and Racism Cannot Beat the Steelpan

By A. A. Hotep
December 23, 2006

SteelpanWhy try to deny the legitimacy of the Steelpan being our national instrument?

The Steelpan is globally recognized as the only acoustical instrument developed in the 20th century. The fact that this instrument was created and developed in Trinidad and Tobago out of the experiences of Africans seems to be troubling to a few Indians in Trinidad and Tobago.
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Exploding the Pan National Instrument Myth

By Stephen Kangal
December 23, 2006

SteelpanSimultaneous with my recent objections to the notes of the tenor pan being elevated by the National Symbols and Observances Committee (NSOC) to the status of an exclusive cultural symbol to represent the distinctive Indian cultural presence in T&T in the medallion of the OTR and being snowed in by an avalanche of criticisms reinforcing and re-asserting pan as the national instrument, I must now call into question, in this context, Pan Trinbago’s “black mail” mantra and/or ultimatum of:
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Paramin Parang Festival 2006

Paramin Parang Festival Draws Thousands
Parang lovers by the thousands came together for the Paramin Parang Festival 2006 which took place on Monday 18th December, 2006, on the hills of Paramin. This year was the 29th anniversary of this celebration and the turn out was fantastic as usual.
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A clip of parang by the Lara Brothers

A clip of parang by the Paraminios Parang Group

Miss City of Port of Spain, in Pictures

Miss City of Port of Spain
Miss City of Port of Spain, in Pictures

The Miss City of Port of Spain 2006, which was a production of the Port of Spain Corporation, took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain on Sunday August 06th 2006.
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Miss City of Port of Spain 2006
The Crown Plaza Hotel was the host venue of the Miss City of Port of Spain Pageant which took place on Sunday 6th August, 2006.
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Emancipation 2006: Sheboka – The Gathering

Emancipation Celebrations Staff Article

The opening night of the Lidj Yasu Omowale Village was held at the Jean Pierre Complex on Thursday, 24th July, 2006, and was spared the torrential showers experienced earlier that day. Although the turnout was affected by the rainy weather, many people still showed up to welcome in the auspicious occasion of Emancipation.
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