Anand Ramlogan and Gary Griffith have been axed

Anand Ramlogan, Gary Griffith, David West

By Richard Charan
February 02, 2015 –

PRIME Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has asked that the President revoke the appointments of Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, National Security Minister Gary Griffith, and called for the resignation of the Director of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) David West, for their roles in witness-tampering investigation ordered by Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams.

Former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, attorney Garvin Nicholas will be the new Attorney General, and retired Brigadier Carl Alfonso is the National Security Minister.

The Prime Minister has also removed Senate President Timothy Hamel-Smith, Sports Minister Rupert Griffith, Ministry in the Works and Transport Minister Stacy Roopnarine, Minister in the National Security Ministry Embau Moheni, and Justice Minister Emmanuel George. Persad Bissessar has given up the portfolio of Social Development and People Ministry.
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The PM’s address

February 02, 2015

When this government assumed office I pledged that there would be no compromise on integrity in public office or performance.

I took an oath under the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago that “I will bear true faith and allegiance to Trinidad and Tobago and will uphold the Constitution and the law,

That I will conscientiously, impartially and to the best of my ability discharge my duties as Prime Minister, And do right to all manner of people without fear or favour, affection or ill-will.”

I have strived in every way to do so.

Over the past four years, as I ensured that the public interest was paramount, sometimes changes in government were required to protect the public interest.

I have been criticized for removing too many office holders over the past four years as I was seeking to ensure the public interest was secured.

While it may have not served narrow political interests, I took the decisions necessary to serve the broader national interest, above and beyond everything else.

I did so while ensuring all matters were fairly and reasonably considered and all parties were given an opportunity to be heard and evaluated.

Despite the fact that we are today on the cusp of a general election, I want to make it clear my considerations today will be no less driven by any other than that of what is best for the nation.

For me, my position as Prime Minister has always been a selfless task and one which I felt humbled to have been granted through the will of the people and the grace of God.

There have been allegations being made by the current Director of the PCA, regarding the Attorney General.

The Director of the PCA has signed a statement in which he claims that the Attorney General had asked the Director of the PCA to withdraw his witness statement in a defamation matter against the Opposition Leader.

The Attorney General has vehemently denied the allegation.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has confirmed that an investigation is being conducted into the matter.

More recently, the Minister of National Security has become embroiled in the matter.

It is alleged that the Minister, upon the advice of the Attorney General, telephoned the Director of the PCA to query whether he had withdrawn a statement.

That alleged incident also forms part of the police enquiry.

The Minister has confirmed that he did in fact make such a call.

Upon placing that call the Minister did not consult with me nor make it known the details of his conversation with the Director of the PCA.

The Minister also did not report to me on the alleged request of the Attorney General either before or after his call to President of the PCA.

The question is whether the Minister was not under an obligation to inform me, as the Prime Minister, that he made such a call.

The situation today would have been very different had such a request not been made and this matter been brought to my earlier attention.

I have requested and received statements from Honourable Attorney General and the Honourable Minister of National Security.

I have perused both those statements as well as the reported statements of the Director of the PCA, and from my perusal of same I have discerned that the material facts contained therein are in conflict with each other.

I cannot be judge and jury to determine the veracity of any or all.

While I am not in a position to determine neither guilt nor innocence in this matter it is of grave enough consequence to warrant serious consideration and immediate action.

I cannot and will not sit idly by while the Office of the Attorney General and that of the Minister of National Security and the head of the Police Complaints Authority are being compromised and brought into disrepute by such allegations that have warranted a police enquiry.

Those office holders preside over the administration of justice, law and order and so cannot remain in those positions while these investigations into allegations are made.

I cast no aspersions on the capacity or performance of those that hold these positions but cannot have these offices be so embroiled in conflict and controversy eroding public confidence in the institutions which they lead.

Without prejudice to the outcome nor denial of any party to due process and a fair and just determination in the matter, I have asked for and received the resignation of both the Attorney General and the Minister of National Security.

What is also of equally grave concern to me, as it must be to the nation, is the compromised position of the Director of the PCA, arising out of this situation.

The question must arise as to why he did not make it known to me or to His Excellency President Anthony Carmona when the position of heading the PCA was offered to him in November.

Further, why did he wait until now to make public this matter?

If the Opposition Leader also knew of the issue at the time when he was consulted about the appointment by myself –we had discussions- and the President it would also have been obligatory upon him to have informed His Excellency.

Failure by the Opposition Leader to do so at the time does create doubt to any independent observer as to why no mention was made at the time of appointment and why was there such a delay between November and when the appointment and now in making known the matter.

Given the political sensitivity and nature of the alleged incidents it would have been not just prudent but mandatory that both myself and His Excellency, the President be informed.

Withholding such information has seriously compromised the appointment of the Director of the PCA.

It is my view therefore, that the Director of the PCA should immediately resign and/ or his appointment be revoked.

The PCA is an independent institution and public confidence must remain strong if that body is to carry out its duties without fear or favour and be perceived by all to so do. Justice must only be done seen to be done.

It would be impossible, given the present issue that the current head can continue to hold this position without the very institution he leads also being called into question.

The head of the Police Complaints Authority has the responsibility to investigate complaints against police officers.

He would find himself doing so now while he himself has filed a matter for investigation to the Commissioner of Police.

The threat of conflict of interest or perception thereof clearly emerges and compromises the role of the head of the PCA.

Further, questions also arise on the role of the Opposition Leader in the matter.

Did the Opposition Leader not have a moral if not legal obligation to inform me as Prime Minister and His Excellency the President about the personal involvement of a witness in a defamatory statement involving himself, the Leader of the Opposition

One has to be mindful that public office is not used for private gain.

Had there been a disclosure by the Opposition Leader of the personal interest in a legal matter involving himself and the Director of the PCA at the point of his nomination to be head of the PCA, the conflict of interest would have been declared.

Again the question arises and I want to say there are more questions than answers as to whether there was any deliberate attempt to hoodwink His Excellency and the Prime Minister in making the appointment by such nondisclosure.

I urge that an independent probe be conducted into these circumstances involving the Attorney General, the Minister of National Security, the head of the Police Complaints Authority and the Opposition Leader.

And so let the chips fall where they may.

I recognize that this cannot be an easy time for all individuals affected but know their duty to country first would bring to bear the burden of the action necessary to be taken.

I would advise His Excellency the President as follows

To revoke the appointments of the following – myself as Minister of the People and Social Development;

Senator Timothy Hamel Smith, Senator Embau Mohini, and Senator Emmanuel George, the Minister of Sport, the Honourable Rupert Griffith, Minister Stacy Roopnarine. Minister Roopnarine has been transferred to the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development.

I wish to publicly thank these Honorable gentlemen for their support and contribution in building Trinidad and Tobago.

In light of this I wish to advise that in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, I have today advised His Excellency the President to appoint the following:

1. The Honourable Prakash Ramadhar currently the Minister of Legal Affairs to also serve as the Minister of Justice.

2. Ms. Christine Hosein, as Minister of the People and Social Development

Ms. Newallo-Hosein is currently the Advisor to the Prime Minister at the Ministry of the People and Social Development.

She was previously the Advisor to Lands and Marine Resources from August 2013 to August 2014.

She also held the position of Advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Advisor to the Minister of Trade & Industry from June 2012 to January 2013 and August 2010 to June 2012 respectively.

Ms Newallo-Hosein is certificated in basic German, Spanish and French and Communication studies.

She also served as a Director of YESTT, a coordinator for the Caribbean Centre for Human Rights – Victim Support Unit.

In 2004, she was the recipient of a Mentor Award re: the Prime Minister’s Award for innovation and Invention.

We welcome her on board

3. Mr Brent Sancho as Minister of Sport

Mr. Sancho is a prolific sportsman having represented Trinidad and Tobago in the field of football for several years.

He is a former National football player for Trinidad and Tobago and has toured various countries across the world and represented many clubs at the local and international levels.

Brent Sancho is the holder of an Associate Degree in English from Essex Community College in the USA, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from St. John’s University in the USA.

4. Mr. Kwasi Mutema as Minister in the Ministry of National Security

Mr. Kwasi Mutema, Deputy Political leader of the National Joint Action Committee holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Heriot Watt University, Scotland.

He is a former lecturer at the Butler Institute of Lifelong Learning and a coordinator of the Save-One Scholarship Programme assisting students in underdeveloped areas to develop themselves academically.

Mr. Mutema resides in Barataria and is currently the deputy chairman of the Board of Governors of the University of Trinidad and Tobago.

5. Brigadier General (retired) Carlton Alfred Alfonso as Minister of National Security.

Brigadier General Alfonso has served this country as Aide de Camp to the President, His Excellency Noor Hassanali.

He is a former Commanding Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment, and was the first enlisted man to ascend to the position of Chief of the Defence Staff where he served from 1994 to 1999.

Since retirement Brigadier General Alfonso has served as Security Adviser and Chief Security Officer at Petrotrin 2000-2005, as Chairman of PLIPDECO 2010 – 2011, Executive Director at Prime Minister’s Residence and Diplomatic Centre and currently as the Director General of the National Security Training Academy.

Brigadier General Alfonso in 2012 was awarded the Medal of Merit Gold for Community Service.

6. Mr. Garvin Nicholas, as Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr. Garvin Nicholas, an attorney at law since 2002 is a former temporary senator, local government councillor, press secretary to the Prime Minister and High Commissioner to the Court of St. James’ and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

I will continue to lead this nation with the same resolve to maintain the inviolable principles of good governance.

You can rest assured that I have both the courage and personal fortitude to do what is right whenever it is necessary to so do regardless of the consequences.

It is what you expected when you elected me to office and I will never shirk this responsibility to you and the office I am sworn to uphold.

Gone are the days when a government may feel it does not need to give account for its actions or would undermine public confidence bestowed on their officials.

Some would have us return to these old ways but that will not stand as long as I am your Prime Minister.

The changes being wrought today in ensuring accountability are of greater importance now than ever before.

The old standards have changed and given way to new demands and expectations.

The shift in conscience and consciousness is not without its shock waves as the public sees decisions being taken that are unusually bold and strident in upholding the ideals for which they voted so overwhelmingly.

May God continue to guide my deliberations on the nation’s behalf and may God bless us all.

20 thoughts on “Anand Ramlogan and Gary Griffith have been axed”

  1. What an embarrassment. Kamla has always been unfit to lead but tonight she has proved that she is the prime minister of spite and corruption. I believe that she should be honest and resign as the head of government. There is no merit in her address to the nation, all she has shown is that she is spiteful and inconsistent in her approach to governance. Herr problem is that Trinidad and Tobago comes last and allegiance to Kamla comes first even if you have to lie to make it appear that Kamla is God. She might be the head Brahmin but she definitely does not care about the interest of Trinidad and Tobago. I am a little sad to see my friend and fellow soldier Brig. Carl Alfonso allowed himself to become a part of this fiasco.

    1. Good move by the Prime Minister, it was a brilliant speech and show her heart for the nation.

      Despite evidence of corruption, the PNM chief whip McDonald remains uninvestigated for receiving a cheque for Calabar foundation to the tune of $375,000. Paying her live in lover $10,000 per month to manage her constituency office and his brother in law living in the United States for being her driver. Also $2.7 million paid for a community center that no one can find. This stinks to high heaven, but PNMites don’t see this as corruption and to prove it they will vote for her again.

      Back to the P.M. Speech. It was her defining moment because she spoke from her heart. During her time in office 15 people lose their job for various reasons. More PNMites today are seeing her as the best leader for the nation. Rowley now is seen as a man who would go to any lengths for power even not informing the President that David West was a witness on his behalf in a matter against the AG.

      Rowley accused the AG of going to New York and doing a head count on employees, something the AG never did. Accused the PM, AG and national security minister of some emails, later found to be untrue. Rowley is alien to the truth. Sadly.

      1. Mamoo, you mean that Marlene McDonald id all that under an alert and efficient AG and they did not file charges against her? Boy, oh boy these PPP people giving MKarlene a bligh for stealing all that money? Nah! I can’t believe that. Marlene getting away aid dat? You PP guys are sleeping the job.

  2. Kamla’s role as a leader present more questions than there are answers. Kayla asks the question and asserts that Dr. Rowley and David West and Gary Griffith owe it to the country to tell her what was going on. Whats wrong with that? She did not ask or assert the same Ramlogan. What is all this fallout about? Ramlogan lawsuit against Dr. Rowley. Just about 7 to ten days ago when Ramlogan, arrogantly called a press conference and announced that he had prevailed in the lawsuit against Dr. Rowley, Dr. Rowley himself not even knowing of the verdict because the high court did not even warn him or communicated with him about the matter. Where was the integrity of the goodly Prime Minister? Later, when word got out that an associate in the high court passed the word to Ramlogan (not through the normal channels) but by some nefarious means. When Ramlogan was confronted with this method of communication, he stated that Dr. Rowley has a lawyer and it is his responsibility to find that out. In learning of this the court had to issue directives that they in fact screwed up or something to that effect. What did we hear from the Prime Minister about that? Nada! If what we are hearing from the Prime Minister is what she really means, then why, I wish to ask the goodly Prime Minister, the solicitor general presented a letter to her about Ramlogan’s involvement in the prison gate affair, why did she choose to ask Ramlogan to investigate himself? You see my dear Prime Minister, in a democracy we MUST have respect for OFFICE and PROCESS. We need not necessarily have respect for the holder of the office but that respect can be developed and concreted by the behavior of the ones holding the office, IF (a big IF) by experience that office holder has demonstrated the respect for rule of law and order. The Speaker of the house of representatives only a week ago DELIBERATELY mislead the house into believing that the motion filed by Mr. Jack Warner cannot be debated in parliament because the high court has ruled (on it or words to that effect), preventing all discussion on the matter in parliament, thereby perverting the course of justice and also disallowing the course of democracy to take place. When approached about the behavior of the Speaker and whether he should resign, did you say that the speaker should be punished for the demonstration of poor judgement and malfeasance in office? No! you said you don’t see anything wrong with that. Your problem madam Prime Minister is that you see the constitution only from a blind side that as far as it pertains to its protection of you as an individual and you necessarily apply it to your stewardship as prime minister. But you do n0t have thew same respect for those opposed to you! Many us looking in from the outside are disgusted with your twisted form of democracy and understanding of what the constitution is and what it means to ALL of us. When you speak you are deliberate in connotating that you speak to ‘us’ and deliberate in condemning ‘them’. What kind of a ruler are you?.
    Again, many of us see your type of leadership as relating to religious paganism. Some of us can’t help but notice that you expect from those of us (who do not belong to the caste system) a Brahmin kind of worship of your position as prime minister of this country. A very large portion of us do not believe in that kind of worship of belief system and we don’t want it forced down our throats. If you want to be leader, then act like a leader for ALL not some and use the constitution to apply fairness so that you don’t come off as looking for brahmin (divine) worship from us. We know too well what your relationship with Ramlogan is and that relationship could only have been cemented by way of holding the important relationship of pm and ag. We also know that because of the well vented events of the past four years that we can’t trust you with information about what some people are doing beforehand, hence the reason Gary Griffith and David West must have had in the back of their minds during the course of these exchanges regarding Ramlogan’s lawsuit. In view of all that has been said, it is the view of a lot of people that you too should resign for the good of the country.

  3. The mettle of Kamla is measured just as Margaret Thatcher’s was measured with the trade unions in England. There is nothing illegal done here and as said the nation’s business comes first and foremost with the politics set aside i.e. elections coming soon. Compare this with former governments in T&T there would have been trepidation to make such iron clad decisions. Top marks to Kamla that signals to foreign investors that there is stability in our fledgling nation (52 years old) and still no man is bigger than the law. Let the investigating institutions do their work now. We do have people in T&T who can take the bull by the horns. Definitely, one of the talking points for the upcoming elections would be, how many people she has dismissed from authoritative positions but the point that would have to be taken, is the safety, security and stability of the nation is maintained. Cudos to the PM.

    1. Dismissing so many from her cabinet, only prove that the choices she made was very poor.

      If you call that leadership then you need to get out of the cave that you’re living in and get some sunlight.

      1. Did you know what is sown in the dark would come to light? Did the down spiraling of oil on the commodities market brought any panic by her and/or cabinet, but it was the calmness and coolness of the leader that is steadying the boat. Sometimes it is amazing that some choices you make bring about divorce proceedings, in the case of West the sun set for him already as the rising sun is glowing brighter for the green leaves of the plants make food. Go and smoke your pipe now!


      “Kamla signals to foreign investors that there is stability in our fledgling nation.”
      Trini Royal
      Yeah,but some ,much wiser than yours truly, are saying, if that was really de case,she would have grabbed that jokey ,and corrupt ,Finance Minister Howai, by de you know what, all the way down to the Caroni river , and throw him over the bridge ,but not before adding some 5, 000 imported Guyanese Piranhas therein,for good measure-all due to the way that fake financial expert, and well placed ,UNC cronies has mucked up our country’s financial sector.
      Instead of attempting to compare apples ,and limes ,Royal Trini,why de hell don’t you tell your Siparia Queen Kamla,in de words of the PM in waiting,”to quit trying to play smart with foolishness?”
      She ain’t even fit to hold de petit coat, of a strident ,political power horse ,such as Margaret Thacher.
      Did you ever listen Margaret Thacher, during a contentious Parliamentary question time,or -heavens forbid-ever saw her read from a teleprompter while talking to de nation?
      You want to know what mettle consist of ,my country hating piasano? Go read up about Indera Gandhi, for she ordered the sterilization of millions of poor Indians women,and didn’t give a hoot about the consequences.She treated ethnic minorities such as de Sikhs,as if they were footcloth,and even ordered her military goons, to invade their sacred temple, which ended her neo imperial reign.
      Benizia Buttho, studied in Oxford, and Harvard,ran around with the wild crowd ,doing all sorts of decadent ,non Islamic activities, before returning home to settle down in an arrange marriage,to one of Pakistan tribal elites.
      Her entire reign was marred by corruption, as the bastard, en route to her eventual murder,and his elevation to the Presidency ,stole from every contract ,that the state was involved in.
      That is mettle as displayed by Princess Benizia, and Mr 10% her husband. Did I mention, she willed the Prime ministerial job to her son ,even though upon her death,he was not smart enough, to even wipe his own butt?That’s mettle!
      Closer to home ,original Iron Lady, Eugenia Charles, jailed the Opposition leader,and eliminated her country’s entire military.
      Let your so called mettled Siparia Queen, try dat here ,with de Tethron gang green gang,or de Westmoorings Rotwiller .
      She could avoid inviting her luving husband ,on any local ,or foreign extravaganzas, as much as she wish,but de day she take god out of her thoughts, as we like to say on de streets, by messing with de Tobago Wajang, Uncle Keith Rowley, it would be de end of her ,politically.
      One thing you comedians can be assured of ,is that de Mason Hall kid ,has mettle, just like his fellow GONIAN ,globally adored , yet nationally despised ,former PM /President ANR Robinson.
      See how the latter kicked de Faddah of your nation Papa Baz, and his side kicks Ramnath, Sudama ,and that tribal bozo Suraj,to the curb ,without much thought?
      See how he ,while under 1990 Islamist fire,demanded that the security forces ,”attack with full force ,”without fear for his person?
      See how he acted decisively ,when there was a political tie ,at the polls ,by giving the morally unsung Basdeo the middle finger, in favor of de Sando /UWI geologist Manning? That called for mettle.
      You hang around on Trini Center ,and converse with yours truly Royal Trini, and you might learn a thing or two.
      Good griefs ,I’m getting bored with these idiotic side show ,Trini Royal, just when is the next election again?

  4. “one of the talking points for the upcoming elections would be, how many people she has dismissed from authoritative positions…” “Compare this with former governments in T&T there would have been trepidation to make such iron clad decisions…….” Loyal Trini. Really? The opposite side of that question is why would a government be so callous in the selection of candidates, that it chose so many unsuited for the positions they filled in the first place? It shows that the Prime Minister does not and cannot identify quality personnel. Just think she could not recognize Anil Roberts in the videos with the prostitutes, as Ramlogan himself has indicated, he does not know about criminal law because he is a civil lawyer (I did not say that, Ramlogan himself did). Reshmi Ramnarine as chief of security? Larry Howai as finance minister? Jwalal Ramcharan as Central Bank governor (businessmen complaining every day about availability of U.S dollars); Wade MARK presiding in parliament by totally misleading and lying to the house that he got orders from the high court that the topic to be discussed, cannot be brought for discussion, thereby preventing democracy to be exercised. If with a bunch like that you think it takes “mettle” then I must agree not only mettle but boldfacedness as well. Like I said earlier, we don’t all belong to the brahmin beliefs system so it would take a lot of selling to accept that “mettle” that you so casually described.

  5. The past traditions of former Prime Ministers were to ignore, cover up or protect their Ministers and there are numerous examples of former Ministers who were involved in a multitude of illegal activities and indiscretions and were protected by their PM’s for fear of losing power. Kamla has repeatedly demonstrated that she is fully prepared to deal fairly and decisively with all violators in her government.She has shown strength, leadership and good judgment.
    There is no question that her reshuffle of Cabinet is election preparation….another example of good leadership.
    The PNM is bankrupt of ideas and ideals. The Leader of the PNM is focussed on simply opposing everything and trying to force an early election. He is running scared of the findings of emailgate which is going to show that the entire scheme was bogus. He is trying to force an election before these findings are made public….even Lee sing has deserted him.
    Ramlogan deserved what he got;however, it would be foolish to count him out. His case against Rowley still stands and he is convinced that he will win in court and also will eventually be vindicated.
    The winner in all of this is Prime Minister Kamla Persad…watch her poll numbers go up!

    1. Yes TMan! Ramlogan’s case is so powerful that he has to entice fact witness to not testify in order for him to “win” his lawsuit. Some surety eh! Steups….

  6. Lest we forget that the rumblings in the engine room shows work is being done. The question is what is the quality of work that is being done? Well let’s compare!
    Whether there are plants in her cabinet to stymy the progress made during the past 4 years, Kamla had been calm and showed caring instincts to stem the hemorrhage. The point that can be so easily overlooked is she expedites the decision making to clear the problems, that’s statesmanship and leadership in steering the vessel to calmer waters. Ramlogan, West and Griffith can always seek redress from the relevant investigating institutions. The upcoming elections will definitely be interesting with e-mailgate, Rowley and Gordon in cohoots, etc. being bandied about on election platforms.

  7. A good leader lead by example as the PM has demonstrated. Fellow citizens look and learn from your PM and T&T will move forward and not backward as the PNM does not have nation building vision just like the PNC in Guyana.

  8. But don’t count Kamla out. She has now put Keith Rowley under the gun. She wants to know whether, when David West was being considered for the post of PCA director, the Opposition Leader did not consider he had a “moral obligation” to inform her and the President that Mr West was his witness in a defamatory suit brought by the former attorney general. She is not the only one asking. Suzanne Mills in the Newsday very poignantly enquires: “Did Dr Rowley not think it injudicious to give his nod to a candidate who was his material witness in a lawsuit? Wasn’t he aware that many might conclude he was selecting West because West was helping him? Was it not his responsibility to say he could not back the candidacy because West was his witness and it concerned him that the perception could be that the PCA director who should be independent was politically biased?”
    The Prime Minister says had there been a disclosure by the Opposition Leader the conflict of interest would have been declared. She therefore wonders whether there was “any deliberate attempt to hoodwink His Excellency and the Prime Minister in making the appointment by such nondisclosure.” Dr Rowley must answer.
    The lady is fighting back. She is also calling for the resignation of Mr West, insisting that his position has been severely compromised. She wants to know why Mr West, when offered the PCA position, did not make it known to her or the President that he was a witness for the Opposition Leader in the defamation suit. On the alleged attempted bribe by Anand Ramlogan, the PM wants to know why Mr West waited “until now to make public this matter?”
    Others have also commented. In the Guardian, Gail Alexander writes Mr West’s witness statement “may cast him in a certain light”; and an Express editorial finds it “troublingly questionable” that it has taken nearly three months for Mr West to report the matter of the attempted bribe and that he did so only after the publication of the Sunday Express story, concluding that “Mr West can hardly enjoy any stature of public-spirited heroism”. And Mr West himself raises further questions. He refuses to answer the simple question whether possible links to the People’s National Movement (PNM) influenced his decision to file a statement with the police against Mr Ramlogan.
    David West must be very careful. Increasingly he seems like the fragile grass that gets trampled when elephants battle. To understand what he is dealing with, Mr West must consider who could have leaked the story to the Express that Mr Ramlogan sought to bribe him, and who stood to benefit not only from its leaking but also from his reporting the matter to the police. He must recall who clamoured most for him to make the report. He must determine whether he was being manipulated or he acted on his own volition.

  9. Jack: No grounds to revoke West’s appointment

    The following is a statement issued by the ILP:

    The Independent Liberal Party (ILP), having examined the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) Act 2006 (as Amended), finds that there are no grounds to warrant the revocation of the appointment of Mr David West by His Excellency the President.

    Section 12 of the PCA Act states:

    The President, acting in his discretion, may revoke the appointment of a person as Director or Deputy Director where he is satisfied that the person—

    • a) has, without reasonable excuse, failed to carry out his prescribed duties for a continuous period of three months;

    • b) is unable to discharge the functions of his office, whether arising from infirmity of mind or body or any other cause, or for misbehaviour; or

    • c) has become a person who would be disqualified for appointment pursuant to section 8.

    To this point, with respect to the matter involving former Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, Mr West has not done anything to trigger any of the above provisions. Specifically, being a witness of fact in the lawsuit between Mr Ramlogan and Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley cannot be considered misconduct neither can the purported delay in the filing of his statement be construed as an act of mischief or malice.

    None of the criteria that triggers the discretion of His Excellency under Section 12 of the PCA Act has been met and therefore the President cannot revoke the appointment of Mr West.

    Even further, contrary to the propaganda emanating from the People’s Partnership (PP) government, which propaganda is being personally spearheaded by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Mr West is not the subject of the investigation by the police into the alleged attempts to coerce him to not give evidence and testimony in the lawsuit between Ramlogan and Rowley.

    It is preposterous that a victim, complainant or witness in a court matter should be persecuted as if he were a suspect. Such treatment, especially by a government in power, undermines the concept of justice particularly with respect to encouraging witnesses and whistle-blowers to come forward and submit evidence.

    Mrs Persad-Bissessar, a self-anointed Senior Counsel, and her PP government, which is overflowing with lawyers, are fully aware of the provisions of the law and the fact that the requirements have not been met for the President to take any action against Mr West, and therefore their hounding of Mr West, and now the President, are deliberate acts to mislead the public and to bully both His Excellency and Mr West and to bring odium and scandal upon them.

    The facts show that any scandal that is threatening the dignity of the PCA and the office of Director of the PCA with respect to the on-going matter has been birthed not by Mr West but by the Prime Minister and her PP government in their desperate political shenanigans.

    Finally, the ILP rejects the call by the Prime Minister for an “independent probe” into this matter since, by her own admission, an investigation is already being conducted by the police. There is no need for a parallel investigation. If the Prime Minister is serious about “letting the chips fall where they may” they she must shut up and let the police do their jobs.

    The ILP calls on Mrs Persad-Bissessar and her PP government to desist from spreading misinformation and engaging in public mischief in this matter.

    We also urge His Excellency to be firm and to be guided by the Law in the face of the acts of intimidation being perpetrated against him by the Prime Minister and her PP government through their campaign of witch hunts and red herrings.

    1. The PCA office has been tainted, it is suppose to be independent but it is wrapped in a political quagmire. The President appointed him and as such the President can fire him. Not everything is in the Constitution please note.

      David West was offered the position of PCA director by Dr. Rowley in exchange for him testifying in the defamation case. He hid that information from the President and Prime Minister until he was appointed to the post. To me that is deception.

      Further David West was a director in the FIU. Recently Dr. Rowley said he had information from the FIU. Jack name maybe on Rowley list. The question is “where did he get that information?”

      West was promoted during the PNM governance and must have felt an obligation to the PNM. He is a man who has not displayed any level of independence as ascribe to the office holder of the PCA.

      He as an INDEPENDENT office holder will be supporting Dr. Rowley in a matter against the AG. West cant have it both ways. Mr. Warner should stop playing politics and realise that these institutions must remain untainted. Therefore West must do the right thing and resign or be fired by the President who is require to act on the advice of the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader. When they cant agree he must act independently.

  10. It is more than obvious that our dearly beloved Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago is a lying and untrustworthy official, who speaks on both sides of her mouth. On one side she says she does not want to be judge and jury and on the other she plays judge and jury, by convicting the actions of a material witness to a crime committed by her trusted and confidant Attorney General Anand Ramlogan. Madam prime minister you can’t have it both ways. You are a lawyer by trade, a S.C as an extension to your trade as a lawyer and prime minister of a country yearning for the truth. Our experience with you seems to confirm that you are not trustworthy. You take people who operated with integrity and competence in their chosen professions, bring them into your government and under your leadership they turn out to be less than honorable officials. You heralded the inclusion of Judge Herbert Volley into your cabinet and made him a minister, under your guidance and nurturing he became notorious for the passing and some might add ramming of the Section 34 amendment down our throats. You brought a bright, brilliant and accomplished judge Anthony Carmona into your administration as president. People heralded and one might even say coronated him as the new and welcomed shining star as President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Less than two years after many in the public view view him with suspicion and to some extent disdain because they see him as an extension to your evil ways. Larry Howai came into government as this shining star that steered the ship of the FCB into financial success, you heralded his entry into your government with fanfare. You even bribed him with eleven million of the public to accept the position. Today many view him as nothing more than another ‘eat ah fooder’ yearning to put his hands on the next financial opportunity to enrich himself. You fired the president of the senate Hamel-Smith without the dignity of speaking to him face to face. Based on your own words you similarly dismissed Ramlogan, Gary Griffith and you called for the resignation of a decent and honorable man like David West. What kind of person are you? Those of us who follow your behavior would like to predict your next move. The appointment of the new senate President (Raziah?) is by our calculation not a matter of competence but one in which you calculate that at some time in the future, President Carmona who may not always share your interpretation of the law with, will have to go on vacation. When President Carmona goes on vacation, the opportunity will be presented to get the new acting President (Raziah?) to sign pending bills such as Run-offs into law. Many of us looking on from the outside, are predicting that this is the prime minister’s motive behind the appointment of the new senate president. We would be disappointed if she does not follow through with this method of approach to governance because her history has shown that, if it does not specifically prohibits, she will do it.

  11. h!ttp://,206530.html

    Yeah Sistaz Christine Navallo -Hosein,we get you….ummmm, T&T suddenly has a problem,and you are here to solve it.
    Yep,so after 4 plus years in office, as de country’s first Hindustani female PM, your leader suddenly realize, that the lives of women, and children are under serious threat?
    What de hell she thought, Mama Verna St Rose, was attempting to tell her,soon before she too was dumped, after serving her purpose,while serving in her PP government ?

    Sad but true, more women, and children, have been abused,and or murdered under her watch, than during the leadership of her 5 male predecessors,and ain’t that a disgusting tragedy?The lives of our poor,elderly, and folks of de lower social echelons,are in a more pathetic state,than some of our less well off regional neighbors, as these ever grateful, ,neo elitist cronies, eat a food,while sprouting their usual escapist, psycho babble. Not you of course, Sistaz Christine N. Hosine,for you assured us ,dat you got this,si?
    We know you would like de debate to center only on the savage activities of dem Afro Trini monsters ,such as the husband of local Oprah, in blond journalist Marcia, but don’t forget females of de tribe,who get their behind beaten every day ,yet suffer in silence. We know that many also endure incest,as played on their young, have to contend with underage marriages ,and the list goes on.
    Suriname, Guyana, and yes,T&T,leads the region, in suicide rates,but does your pro cronyism PM care,or better yet, do you,as her new Ministerial head honcho?
    Rumor has it, dat you were only selected,over more seasoned, elected officials-such as a certain disrespected Tobago East MP- by Queen Kamla, with an eye on the election, but who cares?
    Tell you what ,if with your help,Auntie Kamla,can somehow table,and pass a bill,to make corporal punishment, an indictable offence, in T&T, I personally, will, ensure,I vote for her party, come next election-since I’ll realize ,she is serious about tackling domestic violence, and especially, it’s root cause.
    Violence beget violence, T&T! Young men ,who are forced to comply to tyrannical parents,via the rod,will grow up to be violent,adult males,who beat their women ,and children into submission.
    Young girls,who likewise endured such feudal,barbarian treatments,such as flogging, will tend to accept violence, as normal, when their boyfriends, and husbands,unleash his venom on them, later on in life.
    For de record, this social problem affects, all segments of our society.
    I swear,I’ll throw up, the next time, I hear some religious freak,try to justify this pro violence practice, by scriptural quotes ,or similar religious text,or worst yet,bore us to death,on how much they were beaten like African slaves,when they too were kids,yet turned out to be perfect beings.
    Simply go to our prisons ,and inquire ,and you’ll hear how many of these criminals, were likewise beaten,as kids,or worst yet, saw it exhibited ,on a daily basis in the homes they grew up in?
    Hey,and how is that trial for gun /ammo possession ,creeping along, involving de 20 year-old son, of our late,high end journalist ,Marcia?
    Just wish these social science, intellectual clowns,would do the research,or rather,speak up on these and similar pressing issues,that’s affecting our society.
    Wish our Social workers experts,would get their heads ourear ends,and address,this pressing, yet ignored matter.
    We wish you well, Sistaz,Navallo – Hosien,on your ….ummmm future,political overtures,as well, as short tenure, as a Cabinet minister,hmmmmm?
    Say no to violence, my T&T

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