Manning Officializes in Princely Style Reporters
November 8, 2007

Patrick Manning received a majestic welcome from thousands of PNM supporters who ventured to Woodford Square to witness the first ever public swearing-in of a Prime Minister. This historic occasion took place on Wednesday 7th November, 2007, and was not without controversy as members of the Opposition party, the United National Congress, summed up this event as another dictatorial scheme on the part of the People’s National Movement. Nevertheless, many people disagreed, regarding the moment as sacred and monumental where the people were able, firsthand, to witness the ceremonial coming into office of their elected leader.
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Newly Appointed Government Ministers
November 08, 2007

10 Responses to “Manning Officializes in Princely Style”

  • Now how many of you saw the swearing in of George W. Bush in the US in person? What about the swearing in of Gordon Brown in the UK in person? I am not sure but my mother was very pleased to be at Woodford Square to see the swearing in of the Prime Minister. I would have been there too if I was home. Also, the audience had persons of every cultural and racial creed!

    I am currently in the US studying and I am not in New York, Miami, Texas, or Baltimore. I am in one of the other states in the US and I am going to return to Trinidad and Tobago – no question about that. I am in the field of education and I have seen students in the US studying under the very same conditions as students in Trinidad and Tobago. Many of the students I have witnessed have no books, cannot afford books that are essential to their learning, have free or reduced lunch (as in T&T), cannot read or write and are afraid to go home because of the CRIME and gang warfare. (The police are in these communities but they are mostly involved in shootings.) Now is this first world or third world? You tell me. Poor people are in EVERY BLASTED country and they are still ignored and cast aside by their respective leaders (senators, ministers, what ever you call them!). So what do you exactly mean by third world? What do mean by backwardness? When you say that, why don’t you tell me about the problems that exist in the country that you now live? Oh! You may not know since that is not communicated to you by the media. In fact, I have never seen a media video camera in the schools that I visited! And I was not surprised by Katrina because there are many places in the US in dire poverty. Have you thought about how much the media might be fooling you in your country? Have you thought about what they DON’T show you on television? Trinidad Express, Guardian and Newsday are not in that category because they always focus on the problems that are going on in Trinidad and Tobago!!!! By the way, I do not have any television. I prefer to read and write and listen to the radio like my grandparents in Trinidad and Tobago. Maybe I am backward.

  • I must commend for the beautiful pictures, the uplifting language used to describe the event, and the sense of ownership conveyed by the historic swearing in, in the square. Surely, this is the start of a new phase.Based on Mr. Panday’s acid remarks on losing, I was not sure what he would do.( My personal belief is tha he is insane, alcohol does diminish brain function) I called a friend to express security concerns, and I am glad that 99% of the people are not fed on gall like Mr. Panday, but on mother’s milk.
    Congratulations to all on a smooth return to office. I hope some members of COP get senatorial appointments, so that their presence would be recognized in the legislative process. We must now turn to seeing to it that every child of school age is in school. That has to be a national priority. There are too many children who never go to school, too many who are not registered, because they belong to illegal immigrants from other islands who themselves have no papers. This sets up a system that would defeat all the government’s plans for a better society. Neighbours should be encouraged to report children that they know are not in school. Education can defeat crime.Education can defeat poverty. (These comments on education,were attached to an article on another paper, but were not published there)People need to be pro-active about reporting crime, and be supportive of others in the community.

    Trinidad and Tobago belongs to all of us, let not bitterness divide us.

    We are moving forward. Already we can teach the first world countries a thing or two. Lets keep that going.

  • We must move away from the notion that attributes of genuine discernment; management, leadership, and competence are not ingredients to be displayed.(Princely), what play on words that is intended to convey.Words have consequences. T&T citizens must embrace and bring forth the gifts, that manifest quality from our cultural wellspring.

    We have it within us, let the light so shine before us, that we may deliver all the gifts of our human and divine condition here in T&T.
    To my Hindu brothers and sisters, and the wider community.happy Divali


  • The vituperated bitterness of Bass, a man under conviction for corruption, demand that Manning take the outmost precautions in terms of his Security. In spite of that, he should not allow the nattering nabobs of negativity and denunciation impede his drive to bring first world status to Trinidad, and human equality to all of the people of this twin island republic.

    The divisive nature and disposition of Bass identifies him as a leader incapable of caring beyond a very narrow perimeter of concern. No God was not responsible for Mannings victory, he has more important things than politics to attend to in this troubled world. It is we who say thanks to him for whatever good fortune that brought forth the best result for our nation, and shunted aside the worse possible alternative.

  • If some of you saw a picture of ever creed and race at that swearing in event please post it because I would love to see exactly what you guys are seeing that I am not

  • And let meh add one more thing I not speaking about the big shots that get invited and sitting under the tent all of them getting big wuk from manning I talking about the people behind the fence….we who put PNM dey, show meh the every creed and race!!!!

  • I am in full agreement with the Hon. Patrick Manning being sworn in as Prime Minister in Woodford Square rather than the President’s (formerly the Governor’s) house.
    We are a republic and our elected leaders are chosen by and accountable to the people, not a British Governor or British-appointed Governor-General. Let us compliment Mr. Manning for connecting with the people instead of perpetuating the remnant of a dusty old colonial habit, even as we congratulate him on his victory.

  • Dear “Not Me”

    Woodford Square is in Port of Spain, the crowd would tend to reflect the population of this area. As far as I know, no special buses or maxis were arranged to bring in the PM’s many supporters from central/deep south.
    Look at the figures again- tens of thousands of PNM votes from Central and South. Thousands of PNM votes even in Couva South and Tabaquite– more than could possibly be accounted for by non-Indos in these areas. Many Indo-Trinis are strongly opposed to racism and are strongly behind our Prime Minister, as the nation moves forward under the PNM.

  • The people have spoken and they are always right.The PNM won in the absence of an effective opposition.The Opposition could gain more respect from the people if its members become more vigilant and constructive, rather than destructive.The Opposition has to demonstrate that it is fully prepared to form an effective government by offering intelligent debate, constructive, alternate ideas, fully supported by reliable research. Their members should behave honorably and above reproach.
    They are off to a questionable start with a leader like Panday.

  • Great article and beautiful photographs. Manning’s decision to do the ceremony in full public view was a wise one which I think shows great intent and sincerity. I wish the Gov’t the best.

    To the reader “not me” I would like to add that we should always try to keep an open mind. You would find that there are lots of great friendships and personal enrichment, once this can be attained. It’s amazing how much can be lost with a narrow, myopic point of view.

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