T&T General Elections 2007 Unofficial Results

Patrick Manning, Basdeo Panday and Winston Dookeran
PNM Patrick Manning, UNC-A Basdeo Panday and COP Winston Dookeran

Trinidad and Tobago General Elections 2007:

Preliminary 2007 Election Results

Victorious Candidates and Constituencies

PNM romps home
With the lion’s share of the marginal seats in its back pocket, the People’s National Movement led by leader Patrick Manning handed the United National Congress Alliance (UNC A) and the Congress of the People (COP) a stinging defeat in yesterday’s general election, walking away with 26 out of a total of 41 seats.

PNM 26 UNC 15 COP 0
Trinidad and Tobago yesterday voted to “step up” with Prime Minister Patrick Manning and the People’s National Movement.

Manning to supporters: Put aside differences
Coffee Street was transformed into a Carnival-like atmosphere last night as the People’s National Movement won the two San Fernando seats and the general election…

PNM back in Govt
Heading to Government for another term, the People’s National Movement (PNM) completed yesterday’s general election race with preliminary results of 26 seats over the United National Congress’ (UNC-A) 15 seats…
The total registered electorate was 990,352.
EBC estimates put yesterday’s voter turn-out at around 53 per cent. This was at midnight, when boxes of ballots were still coming in.
The voter turnout in the 2002 election was approximately 69 per cent.

God’s victory, says Manning

Sea of red in Scarborough

Jack Warner wins on first try
FIFA vice-president and United National Congress (UNC) Alliance chairman Austin Jack Warner is the new Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West after he defeated his main opponent Manohar Ramsaran, the former Chaguanas MP, during yesterday’s General Election.

Sour faces at Rienzi Complex

COP paid to split votes says Panday

Panday blames plot between COP, PNM
Basdeo Panday greeted supporters at Rienzi Complex, Couva last night with a concession of defeat.

Panday: COP spoilt UNC A win
Supported by his wife Oma who clutched his arm, and dressed in a bright orange shirt, UNC Alliance (UNC A) co-leader Basdeo Panday last night conceded defeat in the General Election and said that “the people have spoken.”

EBC: 56 percent voter turnout
The Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC ) said last night that preliminary results indicate the voter turnout was lower than 2002’s General Election.

COP claims other parties using dirty tricks
Congress of the People (COP) candidates Anand Ramlogan and Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan are accusing the two opposing political parties of using propaganda and dirty tricks to woe the electorate…

Dookeran loses St Augustine seat
Congress of the People (COP) leader, Winston Dookeran lost his seat in the St Augustine constituency.

Dookeran: T&T not ready for change

Dookeran: We fought a good fight
Will Winston Dookeran remain leader of the Congress of the People (COP)?

NACTA ‘vindicated’ by election results

Ramesh wins Tabaquite
Former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj has won the heavily-contested Tabaquite constituency by more than 1,000 votes…

Ramesh wins in Tabaquite

‘Net-savvy’ Trinis do their own thing

‘Bacon172000’ Predicts Correctly
PNM will win again, Panday will not step down because he wants power again, and COP won’t get any seats…

75 thoughts on “T&T General Elections 2007 Unofficial Results”

  1. This IS a victory for Trinidad and Tobago,for sound business policies over pocketing the nation’s wealth,for building Early Childhood Centers, for free tertiary education for all, for helping the poor achieve dignity throw state asisted programs in housing and transportation, and for free health care.

    It was also a victory for The Prime Minister’s determination to weed out the dead wood in the party’s slate, the debt accumulators, and those who could not hold up their end.

    It was and is a victory for sound fiscal policies, and planned development.I will continue to invest my few pennies in Trinidad and Tobago. Under a UNC government,I would have moved them out.
    No matter the Opposition’s excuses, the people have spoken.

    Now, let there be a joint party to clean up the ratty posters, and get back to business.

  2. I have seen the election results and I am relieved. I could not imagine the country going under a UNC ticket because all the programmes that are now in place in Trinidad and Tobago would have gone up in smoke due to embezzlement of money. I feared the country going under the COP ticket because they need more time time to build as a party and really focus on issues that the PNM did not deal with adequately. They could have spent much more time to talk about the environment instead of petty issues like Manning having a big house (the house does not belong to him but Prime Ministers!!!)

    We as a nation have to get smart about politics. It is clear that Trinbagonians want progress but they are not prepared for the risks that are entailed that allow for progress. One of those risks is crime and we need to be prepared for that. We are a young nation but yet want to move ahead as fast as developed nations. This is a difficult feat because it is clear that policies would not be thorough because a project that should have taken years to implement is now taking 6 months – all in the name of progress. We have to ask ourselves the honest question: What do we want as Trinbagonians? To follow other countries or develop ourselves for ourselves?

    I still think that we are moving way too fast as a nation and this 2020 vision would be real for some people and not others. But I do think that the PNM is the best political party to represent the future of Trinibagonians. Their candidates were all educated and represented a wide cross-section of our races and cultures. It is highly important that we have every voice represented in the discussion to implement policy, but also have the persons that would critique those policies wisely. I firmly believe that COP would have been the better party to offer those critiques (even though sadly they are not in opposition). Yes we need change but we need educated change so the REAL issues could be targeted and debated.

  3. Basdeo Panday is a sore loser. Winston Dookeran should have made up the opposition party next time dookeran next time.

  4. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!to the PNM Mr. Manning we have prevailed!!!!!!!! Mr. Basdeo Panday YOU GOT LICKS!!! in the East,West ,North, South and Flogged in Central, Licks!Licks!Licks! but Dookeran should have wash your tail.Victory for the PNM!!!!!

  5. Congratulations to the PNM Party. A lot of people have put their trust in this party. It gives them a chance to continue on programs they may have started. Make us all proud by making T and T a crime free society. Stronger focus needs to be placed on the children of the nation. Focus on having cousellors in all schools, crime starts from the home. Again, Congratulation from Trini in Michigan.

  6. if cop had taken 9 seats and work those seats the pnm would not be in power today, so what they did is no different towhat ramesh did

  7. Looking at the distribution of seats vs the ethnicity of regions, it is business as usual in TT Race = political affiliation. It is taking much too long for overcome.


  8. I think it’s good that PNM won but my question is what are they doing for me and my family…my mother has us voting for them everytime and we haven’t had electricity for a long time when we approch them for help we get a set of stories..so tell me please,,who benefits from them or anyone being in power.A government suppose to help the people who help put them where they at and i believe that actions speak louder that words….San Fernando..Manning we need helppppp

  9. Congratulations to the PNM party for saving our country once more. I hope you all accomplish everything within the next five years and PLEASE help the people geniunely. I know you have in the past but please do your utmost best and show your true capabilities. Sorry we didn’t win the mayaro seat but Mrs. Mischier Boyd did her best, we all know that. Congrats.

  10. Thanks Tabaquite. Your Representative is now the SNAKE IN THE BALISIER.Ramesh and PNM perfect together!!!!

  11. I am totally disappointed with the election results, its that Manning can do the people of Trinidad and Tobago anything and get away with it. The results showed people did not vote for country but for party.
    As for the COP you achieved your purpose you allowed the PNM to win the election congratulations Dookeran I hope you get a seat in parliament.

  12. Judging from the results of the recent elections,it is clear that the people who voted for the UNC have not made use of free education,else Panday and his rumshop politicians would not have garnered any votes. Hopefully Panday has now been relegated to the political dustbin.

  13. The people have spoken. Its just a pity that now I have to sit for another 5years and tolerate Panday and his 14 minions’ useless banter!!!!

  14. YES!!!! up to the next level.
    There is a positve magic of thinking big.Mr. Manning is thinking right towards first world statua. After so many years many believe that we should be still cutting cane and breaking boulders. Yeah, modern day slaves and chamars.
    Take advantage of free tertiary education and one will see a better life for this and generations to come.lokking into Singapore and South Korea and see what strong vionaries can transform nations into. Right on Patrick! Gih dem thunder!!!

  15. It is a sad day in Trinidad and Tobago when tribal politics will win over giving people with a brain a chance to change things in sweet TnT. Nothting will change with the PNM in government so I hope no one will complain about crime, cost of living etc. Only those with a brain voted for COP and you see that percentage!

  16. It is truly another sad day and days, years ahead for the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Once again my fellow citizens have voted for a political party that breeds on racism, unaccountability, stupidity, pretense and more importantly epitomizes The reality that we are indeed a THIRD WORLD country the state of the country speaks for itself- Healthcare, Social Services,
    the voters have spoken

    lollita- New Jersey

  17. Nothing in Trinidad will change. The PNM has done nothing constructive for the islands in all the time that they have been in power. The only real progress would have been with the UNC or even the COP. I’m kind of disgusted at the whole affair. With the PNM in power people will continue to suffer, people will continue to be kidnapped, and nothing will change. What a terrible day for our country. (NY)


  19. Congrats to the P.N.M. I am truly happy for them. Now Mr Manning its onto tour next big step to help our countries to progress even further. at least lets start off with the food prices please. Ms Beckles have done a very excellent job with the N.S.D.P. i wish to see our country really reach places broaden our horizons. help those who have made it possible for u to reach here once again sir. I honestly wish that t&t can be united as one,but that seems impossible with mr panday bad mouthing everyone.mr panday u did say ur gonna sleep with the devil,i wonder if the bed was what u expexted? mr dookeran,please explain those laptops and schools uniforms u were gonna give out for free? cause i know it was not gonna be the expensive ones? u got to be kidding me.

  20. Congratulations to Manning!!. The people of Trinidad and Tobago has spoken, thats’ what freedom is all about. I hope that Mr. Manning now focus his immediate attention to food prices and the high crime rate. Another important issue should be discussed widely is Peak oil. He needs to come clean with whats left of our energy and the implementation of projects that should lead us to a more sustainable country. Installing trains is a very good project now he needs to address the agriculture area and manufacturing industry. We the people of Triniad and Tobago have to look at whats going on around the globe and let these politicians know how serious we are about our development.
    As regards to Mr. Panday he needs to put back all the money he stole from the airport projects and the other areas of the government. He certainly don’t have a good heart for Trinidad and Tobago.

  21. I am very disappointed with the results of the General Election, I personally think that UNC and COP could have pulled it off if they were one party, but by diving the population, people got confused, and as the poll shows only 54% of the population voted, that is a bit degrading, cause it was their chance to come out and say something. Now, i guess panday will have to resign, as uch as I support the UNC, i think that Panday should have resigned since the last General Election, and let othee leaders take the lead, get some fresh people to lead UNC from now on, and see what’ll happen.


  23. cop is to be blame, they should have have listen to tne UNCA, and all now they would have shared government. Now we have to go trough five years off pain again.maybe in 2010 if they do learn a lesson and form one opp they will win the next general elections.

  24. I hold the COP responsible for the results of this year’s election and also the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Dookeran accomplished what he set out to do: he brought his personal differences with Panday into politics although he knew there was no victory for him, and now the people of T&T has to suffer for it because the PNM is back in power. I do not understand how so many people, still voted the PNM when everyday i hear them complain about food prices, crime, health facilities, and the government. As Panday said, when they are faced with crime… look into the mirror and they will see who is responsible for it.
    The PNM has not performed as a government to the people for the past 5 years.. Let’s see what they are going to do now.

  25. I am tempted to say that the party is now over, but knowing my country and the party in power, “the party now start.” Patrick Manning is proving to be a formidable opponent and one that constantly confounds his critics and conventional wisdom. Who would have known that out of the debacle of 1986 would have emerged such a vigorous even though flawed leader. That apart my reflections take me to the vile and vituperative comments of Basdeo Panday in relation to Winston Dookeran and the COP. If you heard it, to the effect that who experience crime – murder, rape, robbery, etc – should blame themselves for voting for the COP and enabling the PNM to win. Such sentiments lack not only sophistication (why expect such on a political platform), but also reveals a base level of thought. Here is “blame the victim for the crime” mentality. Here you have a failure to separate personal effrontery from national stability. In the last few years I have thought that Mr. Panday had served his usefulness, but his statements last night only confirm this but prove that his fitness as national leader is sorely lacking. Whatever disappointment, sense of umbrage he took from those in the COP who dared oppose him, or even the fact that the results show that the party’s performance in this election was worse than the last (16 seats out of 36 vs. 15 seats out of 41, and someone needs to do the other figures), this still requires statesmanship of the highest level. The UNC’s rhetoric (I am not even bothering with that UNC-A nonsense) of constantly blaming the COP for its performance fails to acknowledge that it created the COP. The COP was formed out of long standing grievances within the UNC which still have not been addressed and have been exacerbated by the return of RLM. I am pained because of the lost opportunity to remove the PNM. The opportunity was not lost on November 5, no on the several deadlines given for “unity.” It was lost when Mr. Panday returned to an active role in the party. Here’s hoping that time will be kind and return us another opportunity to do what we missed.

  26. Some questions:Who tried to divide their own people into bananaleaf eating Indians and those with knife and fork, and with what does lawyer Mikela eat?
    Who tried to exploit race politics by trying to get Mandela to endorse his party, and blaming PNM for Jesse Jackson’s failure to show up?
    Who alleged that Hindu teachers were eing told how to vote?
    Who cuts down the women of their own prty?
    Who attacked the sexual orientation of one female canddate?
    Who made the jokes about a goat and a donkey on a political platform?

    The people who did those things are not forming the next government.
    Most womenget offended by sexually coarse jokes. Did anyone notice that there were more female voters in the entire country? Most women want adequate care for their children. Most people get along well with others and do not care if you use knife and fork or eat off a fig leaf.

    Divide and rule would have left the PNM victorious. Running a clean campaign also helped. It said to the people, we will not demolish the opposition with dirty jokes offensive to the majority of our people.

    Think on these things.

  27. As I thought, the PNM is back in power! No matter what critics say, Manning is working…I mean FREE tertiary education!? Not even Britain has that. No matter how much mud the UNCA and COP threw, there was no denying what Manning and his companions are working for the people. The UNCA had too much in-fighting going on. How did they expect the populate to vote for them if their own house is not in order? It cannot work so! I was disappointed by the COP though, I thought they would have won a seat at least, but the electorate thought differently. Hopefully, the COP will stick around generating new ideas and point out the flaws of the PNM governance in the years to come. I am also relieved for my country as this election madness is over and life can get back to normal!!!!!

  28. All the people who would have voted for the UNC voted for that party and they still trail the PNM by 10 seats. COP could not win over the hardline Indian constituent from the UNC, and they assembled a candidate slate that had to frighten Africans. If the slate of the COP was reflective of how they would have dispensed power if they had won, then Africans in Trinidad and Tobago would have been marginalized into non existence in the halls of power.

    Never mind the deceitful and scheming reaction of those who scream that Trinidadians will suffer because of a PNM win. They wanted a government where the suffering will be targeted in one direction, and they hoped to achieve that by fooling large sections of the electorate to buy into the nonsense that COP was the best thing for the nation. COP could not even field a candidate slate that was reflective of the population of Trinidada and Tobago. Only the very gullible would buy into the bs that they were the best choice for T&T.

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