Questions over shooting of gay man with links to Trinidad judge

Dillian Johnson fears being killed for sexuality and is seeking asylum in the UK after attack

By Robert Booth
Wed 28 Feb 2018 09.11 EST –

Dillian Johnson and Chief Justice Ivor ArchieLawyers in Trinidad and Tobago are challenging the conduct of the country’s top judge, following questions about his relationship with a man who was shot in an ambush and is now seeking asylum in the UK.

The Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago is investigating allegations involving the chief justice, Ivor Archie, after local media queried his conduct in relation to Dillian Johnson, 36, who survived a night-time shooting outside his home in December. Johnson fled Trinidad to the UK three weeks after the shooting and says he fears for his life if he is forced to return.

Questions have been asked about whether the married judge took Johnson with him to a four-day Commonwealth law conference in Guyana in 2016, and whether he used his office to lobby for state housing for people, including Johnson. It was also alleged that he proposed to his fellow judges that they swap their state-provided personal security officers for others provided by a company that employed Johnson as a consultant.

Archie has denied the allegations and has accused the law association of being biased against him. He strongly denies any suggestion he knew about a plot to shoot Johnson, saying such claims were “ridiculous and false”.

Archie, 57, is an honorary member of the middle temple bench, one of London’s four inns of court, and is considered a liberal thinker on gay rights. He has denied having an “intimate” relationship with Johnson, a manager for the state water and sewage company who was convicted of forging job references in 2008. Archie’s lawyers declined to say whether he described himself as gay or bisexual as they said it did “not affect the chief justice’s professional conduct and concern[s] his private life”.

Johnson was shot outside his home on 3 December and arrived in the UK on 29 December. He says he fears for his life if he returns to his home country and believes he was the victim of a targeted hit.

“I fear being murdered for my sexuality if I go back,” Johnson said. “My relationship with [the chief justice] has been highly publicised.”

Johnson has complained that police have failed to bring his attacker or attackers to justice. He is being assisted in the UK by the human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, who said there was “public hostility and great stigma attached to homosexuality” in Trinidad and Tobago.

“Buggery” remains punishable by up to 25 years in prison and six gay men were murdered in the first five months of 2017, according to rights campaigners.

Last week, a legal challenge was launched to repeal the laws criminalising homosexuality in the Caribbean nation, which has a population of 1.4 million. The UK-based gay rights advocate, Jason Jones, who is leading the case, has said he has received death threats as a result.
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  • CJ issue now international

    Dillian Johnson tells story to UK Guardian

    By Rosemarie Sant
    March 01, 2018 –

    One day after a legal battle was mounted by Chief Justice Ivor Archie questioning the remit of the Law Association of T&T to investigate him, British newspaper The Guardian yesterday ran a report highlighting some of the allegations levelled against the CJ.

    In an article headlined “Questions over shooting of gay man with links to Trinidad judge,” journalist Robert Booth spoke to Dillian Johnson, the man who fled T&T for the UK recently claiming he feared for his life.

    In the story, Booth describes Johnson as a “man who was shot in an ambush and is now seeking asylum in the UK,” and quotes Johnson as saying: “I fear being murdered for my sexuality if I go back.”
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  • Hey News, can we have some more info on this Dillian Johnson character? They said he is a ‘convicted’ fraudster.
    All this talk about Trinidad being ‘homophobic’.. Ask them Brits if they know what ‘Mamagizim’ is? Even The PM does Mamaguy we.
    Anyway… This seems like a ‘Gupta-tactic’ by the ‘Indian’ dominated Law Association to control the judiciary in T&T
    The UK Guardian need to ask how come UWI law school has a 92% Indian Enrollment in a country that has a 36% Indian population…


  • There is a picture of Mr. Johnson in bed with the CJ back turned to him and another one with him wearing the tag of the CJ in that hotel in Guyana. One wonders about the nature and dept of that relationship.

    This CJ spends millions of tax payers dollars flying all over the globe. Is he above the law, above public scrutiny, it seems so. Maybe it’s the fact that he is Tobagonian. Rowley has adopted a no can do attitude.

    Mr. Manning fought hard to remove Sat Sharma, just because he is Indian. He then installed this young puppet who enjoys enormous benefits of a tax free salary, free car and housing allowances. The Law association has unanimously shown their contempt for the CJ and are working to have him removed but with the PNM in charge it will prove to be an uphill battle.

    However one can find comfort in the truism “good always triumphs over evil”. The CJ enjoys considerable support from the heliconia foundation and in return he makes sure they are promote. Governance PNM style.

    • Stuppes..

      -Photographs purportedly released by convicted felon Dillian Johnson, said to be a friend of Chief Justice Ivor Archie, have been confirmed by forensic experts to be photoshopped and fake.
      In a pre-action protocol letter to Express editor in chief Omatie Lyder on Friday, Archie’s attorneys —John Jeremie SC, Kerwyn Garcia, Ian Benjamin, Keith Scotland and Raisa Caesar — said independent technical experts have confirmed “unequivocally” that two photographs were “doctored” digitally and “are not genuine or truthful images but are photoshopped and manipulated images.”-

      • Ramk I am going to assume you are a logical thinker and not mentally insane! Follow me here. Why would Johnson fabricate a picture and make up a story against a sitting Chief Justice? Secondly was the picture of the CJ sitting by the pool half naked another fake pic! Third why would Johnson move to the UK if he was not afraid that someone put a hit on his life?

        • Jesus Christ…

          1)Why would Johnson fabricate a picture and make up a story against a sitting Chief Justice?

          Maybe to have him removed?

          2)Secondly was the picture of the CJ sitting by the pool half naked another fake pic!

          Mamoo, why don’t you post the picture so we can see, or, can you post it, that is the question?

          3)Third why would Johnson move to the UK if he was not afraid that someone put a hit on his life?

          Mamoo, There must be a Blind Hitmen for hire in T&T.

          But anyway,
          *Preliminary police reports state that around 10.30 p.m., Johnson was seated in the porch of his home at Springvale, Gasparillo, when an armed man approached and shot him. Police sources say Johnson attempted to block the the bullet and was shot in the hand. The gunman then ran off.*

          Yuh tink Mr. Johnson has ‘Vibranium’ and is keeping it all to himself. And we think Black Panther is fiction (blocking bullets with his hands)..

          Anyway, maybe the mystery of Mr. Derek Hooker’s murder will be solved pretty soon..

          • And the world is square. So the entire Law Association stupid! Martin Daly said he should do the right thing and step down! RamK I was wrong about you logic defies you. It is a result of your balisier education! You know the crap they taught u school! Please go and insult someone else I intelligence. Buff said

    • You have so much HATE, for Negros, That you don’t see your self.——You who ever you are, is BLACK ALSO. PLEASE LOOK IN THE mirror. you folks only thin in terms of Who is in Power. Never thinking about Country. O Yes, when one want to appear intellectual, you have these Long winded tirade. And folks of the same stupid thinking power, fellow suit.-? WHAT LAW HAVE THE MAN BROKEN AGAIN?? For someone who post here all the time. One would think, you will be sensible, and Balance. But I am asking for too much, from your Brain. What a Rectum.

  • Jillian Johnson has no credibility, none at all. Obviously her intention/agenda was to set up the CJ, otherwise, why the photographs in the first place? And why make them public in the second? Whatever the nature of the relationship between her and the CJ, even if non sexual, the CJ has demonstrated an alarming lack of judgment and discretion by associating himself in any capacity with a piece of sh*t like Jillian.

    As for the alleged attempt on her life, who knows the real story behind that. Hustler that Jillian is, it could well have been an enraged client who did not get his money’s worth.

    Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Jillian is now safe and comfy in Jolly old London Town where she can now peddle what’s left of her virtues for solid British Sterling. At 10 to 1 she can return to T&T a rich girl.

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